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Holy Land & SUZA
(World Main Shrine)
SUZA is the place to enshrine God, the Creator.

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Holy Land & SUZA


SUZA is the place to enshrine God, the Creator.
The First Oshienushi-sama had received an Order from God to ‘Construct SUZA’ and searched for a proper land.
From his spiritual inspiration, the First Oshienushi-sama gave three conditions for that land: a land with fine view of Mt. Fuji; a land that has hot spring; a land equipped with Japanese Cypress.
In 1982, about 490.ooo acres of land that meets those conditions was found in Amagi, Izu (Shizuoka, Japan). And on August 23rd, 1987, the construction of World Main Shrine, SUZA was completed.
SUZA functions as the Great Divine Lighthouse of Salvation that emits God’s Light to the entire world.


We welcome visits of whole world without questioning their religious background.

Opening hours:

10:00am – 4:00pm

*On first Friday, Saturday, Sunday and the following Monday of each month, we have our monthly prayer ceremony scheduled.
And during these days, we ONLY accept the visits of our registered members and those who are accompanied by them. We also hold other events without making official announcement. Please contact us beforehand to know if we are available or not.

*If you come by train, the nearest station is Shuzenji of Izu-Hakone Line. But we do not provide the pick-up service from Shuzenji Station. Please take a taxi or rent a car.

Access Map to the Headquarters of
World Divine Light Organization
  • World Divine Light Organization
  • 1524-4 Hiekawa Izu-City Shizuoka Japan
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