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Purpose of Our Activities

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Purpose of Our Activities

Purpose of Our Activities

In World Divine Light Organization, we worship God, the Creator of Universe, calling Him SU God.
We aim at transmitting the Teachings granted by SU God to the entire Humanity.

The contents of these Teachings are the principles that reign the Universe and Nature, and they are the vital laws for Human Life.

We intend to be a ‘Light’ to illuminate Households, Workplaces and Societies.

To be a ‘Light’ means to become a cheerful and brilliant person who keeps a smile on his/her face.

But it is not easy to stay positive and shining at all times.
For this purpose, we strive to elevate the status of our ‘Spirit’, ‘Mind’ and ‘Body’.

In order to accomplish this objective, we have S.V. Centers, Training Centers where we study the Teachings, and learn and practice the Art of Divine Light in various places.