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Faith of World Divine Light

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Faith of World Divine Light

Faith of World Divine Light
In our practice of faith, we try to face God, that is, we intend to harmonize our vibration with that of God.

We do not seek for material benefits through our religious practices and spiritual trainings. Our practice is not based on the mediumship or spiritual channel.

We admit that we experience miraculous phenomena. But it is not something random. God guerdons people for their efforts to sincerely harmonize their vibration with God’s.

We call our registered member, Kamikumite.
This term symbolizes a devoted practitioner who offers services to God according to His Will and work hand in hand with Him.

We face God and harmonize our Vibration with His, trying to be of His help to incarnate His wish; Materialization of Heaven on Earth.

We conduct our Activites holding this desire and faith.