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Art of Divine Light

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Art of Divine Light

Art of Divine Light

We perform ‘Spiritual Session of Divine Light’ with the ‘Art of Divine Light’. Its practitioner radiates the Light of God from his/her palm.
When you receive the Divine Light, your Spirit, Mind, and Body get purified. First, our Spiritual Aspect restores its original purity and our body experiences invisible improvements. We may expect some positive shifts in our Physical Aspect, too.

For example, we have some people who experienced positive change with their relationship in workplace. And there are many others who had their matrimony improved.
Some people even felt the difference in taste after giving Divine Light to food.

God granted the ‘Art of Divine Light’ to Humanity so that they can perceive his existence. Also, through this Divine Art, God concedes us salvation.

And God wants us not only to concentrate on our own salvation. He wants us to serve as His instrument to give His Light to people wishing their well-being.