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On February 27th, 1959, at 5 o’clock in the morning, Mr. Yoshikazu Okada received the first Revelation from God, the Creator of Universe, regarding the Establishment of this organization.
It said: “The time of Heaven has come. Rise. Thy name shall be KOTAMA. Exercise the Art of Purification. The world shall enter severe times.” Mr. Okada, following the Revelation, started to call himself KOTAMA and initiated his mission to help the entire humanity as indicated directly by God.

As Rev. Okada received Revelarions one after another and gave instructions to humanity, we call him Oshienushi-sama.

For the accomplishment of the Plan of hundreds of millions of years, God granted the ‘Art of Divine Light’ and the principles kept secret in Heaven, ‘Divine Law’, which had only been revealed to great Saints and their Disciples in the past, for the entire humanity.

This ‘Art of Divine Light’ and ‘Divine Law’ can be practiced by people of all races, nationalities, and religious backgrounds, regardless of their age and sex. Now, the circle of spiritual salvation is expanding toward the entire world through the Spiritual Volunteer Activities.