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Frequently Asked Questions about the World Divine Light Organization


Frequently Asked Questions


All questions and answers that we have here are general ones. If you want to know more in detail, you can visit our Center OR you can submit your questions from the link on the right side of this page.

What do you do in World Divine Light Organization?
World Divine Light Organization operates with a view to transmit the ‘Art of Divine Light’ and ‘Divine Law’ to people of all over the world, and to help people live in an affectionate and harmonious world where they love each other, help each other and accept each other, as God wishes.
What kinds of idea are taught in World Divine Light Organization?
Our Teachings are given by God, the Creator of Universe, and they are the fundamental principle of our life. As for its detail, our Centers hold seminar every month to teach them. And everyone is eligible to take it.
What divine entity you worship in World Divine Light Organization?
We worship the Creator of Universe calling him SU God.
We believe that we worship the same God, the Creator, admired in other religions. Therefore, we try not to question denominations and sects we deal with while we carry out our activities.
I have another religious faith. Is it still okay for me to visit your Center?
Both SUZA and S.V. Centers are available for everyone to visit, and we welcome people with all religious background. Your faith does not be a reason to prevent you from visiting us.
I am interested in making a visit. Do I need to pay for my visit?
Both SUZA and S.V. Centers are available for everyone to visit. You will NOT be charged any fee for your visit.
What is the difference between World Divine Light Organization and other Mahikari religious groups?
All religions have some sects and denominations.
They were created by the difference of Teaching or Practice Methods.
But even though there are some differences in their doctrine or teachings, we believe that all groups try to transmit the Teachings given by God wishing to be of help to people.
We recommend you to visit us in order to figure out the difference rather than having discussions.
I have problem in my relationship. Are you able to solve it?
Mayor part of challenging situation has something to see with Spiritual Aspects. Our human relationship also receives Spiritual Influence. We believe that we would see some positive transition in our personal connection by improving our spiritual status.
In order to make spiritual shifts, we believe that it is very important to put Divine Teachings into practice, purify our souls receiving Divine Light, and dedicate yourself to help others giving Divine Light.
I am suffering from illness. Are you able to cure me?
Illness and physical disorders are caused not only by physical reason, but also mental and spiritual reason.
If the physical symptom is triggered by spiritual events, medical care might not be enough to take full care of it. That is why we also will need to treat its spiritual source.
There are people who deny the existence of Spiritual World just because it is invisible. But our long experience of performing the Art of Divine Light provided us enough conviction for it.
The purpose of ‘Divine Light Session’ is not the cure of disease. We practice it to purify our soul and spiritual aspect.
Does World Divine Light Organization negate the effect and value of Medication and Medical Science?
We do not negate the effect and value of Medication and Medical Science. We admit that current Medical Science accomplishes a brilliant development.
We are taught that human beings are God’s masterpiece. At the Creation, God equipped humanity with natural healing ability. We are also taught that the Art of Divine Light helps us to promote this capacity. What God is capable of easily surpasses our imagination. Therefore, sometimes he can even make something impossible with actual Medical Science possible.
We need to know that besides Medication and Medical Science, we can also count on salvation provided with God’s great potential.
Can I just go and receive ‘Divine Light’ without being involved in other practices or teaching classes?
Of course, you can. We want you to experience the Divine Light Session and perceive its fabulousness.
And then, we want you to share that marvelous experience with many people.
And if motivated, please take the Seminar and acquire the Art of Divine Light to help others.
To live depending on Religious teachings and practices means that you are simply refusing to face the reality. What do you think?
In regards to that, we need to talk about what a religious faith is.
Religious teachings talk about the right way of living. To live following God’s Instruction is very important.
When you perceive God’s Existence, your faith will be born. The Art of Divine Light is a method for us to recognize the real Existence of God. By giving Divine Light, we can perceive the existence of God.
We believe that by spending our time perceiving God’s existence, we will feel utmost joy.