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Information Privacy Statement

Thank you for visiting the Official Website of the World Divine Light Organization.
This website introduces the activities of the Religious Organization, World Divine Light Organization.
This agreement was written in Japanese. If the translation and Japanese versions of this Agreement has any difference, it is assumed that the Japanese version takes precedence.
We have the privacy of users. We respect the privacy of users and pay careful attention to it. We shall properly manage and protect all information received through this website.

1.Personal Information

Personal Information refers to any information of and owned by individual Users and includes, but is not limited to, names, domicile, e-mail addresses, and any other types of information which can specifically identify individual Users.

2.Management of Personal Information

We shall use the personal information provided by its customers within the range of specified purposes. We will not use the personal information unless the individual concerned has agreed to such use or it is required by law.
We will make every effort to prevent and remediate the risk of unauthorized access to personal information and the risk of its being lost, destroyed, tampered with, or leaked.

3.Disclosure of personal information to third party

Personal information provided by customers shall not be disclosed or transferred, in principle, to any third parties without the consent of the provider of personal information.
The following are situations where personal information disclosure to a third party is deemed necessary for services to function and for the safety of users.

  • When Laws or regulations require disclosure
  • When the individual concerned has agreed to the usage
  • When we disclose in the situation we can not identify an individual customer
  • In the case of urgent necessity to ensure the life, physical safety or to protect the property of oneself or any other person, when there is not much time to hear opinions from the user.
  • When it is necessary and appropriate in light of public interest and it is found that disclosure of the information is not likely to cause damage to the rights and interests of an individual.

4.Deletion of Personal Information

We delete user’s personal information when requested by the person himself/herself, upon confirmation that such request is made by the customer himself/herself.

5.Regarding Observance of the acts related to the protection of personal information

We observe the acts and other norms related to the protection of personal information established by the Japanese government. This policy may be revised from time to time as necessary to reflect our continuing improvement of personal information protection.

Religious Organization, World Divine Light Organization