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Graduation Ceremony
of Yoko Academy
In Miroku Shrine located in the Sacred Land, Yoko Academy held its graduation ceremony.
Students, who had been greatly nurtured under the blessings of God, left their school to realize their dreams engraving memories where they stuck together through thick and thin.
Day of the Revelation regarding the establishment of SMBK
On February 27th, the Day of the Divine Revelation regarding the Establishment of S.M.B.K., Doshis and Students in Su-za offered a special prayer.
Attendees honored the virtue and achievement of the 1st Oshienushi-sama and offered their prayer for the realization of Global Expansion.
Practitioners in Taiwan gave Divine Light to the proposed site of their regional Suza
Feb. 24th
Practitioners in Taiwan visited the proposed site of their regional Suza located in the city of Miaoli and gave Divine Light to the land.
More than 1000 Practitioners gathered from the entire Taiwan and earnestly offered Divine Light wishing its safe and swift construction.