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New Year Ceremony
Jan. 1st
The New Year Ceremony of 2018 was held in Su-za.
The ceremony started with the turning of Year and participants gathered at the Sanctuary offered their prayer wishing that we would be some help to transmit Divine Light and Teachings to all over the world.
Rice Cake Making
As our annual year-end event, we made Rice Cakes blessed with clear blue sky.
These Rice Cakes pounded wholeheartedly by Doshis and Students in Headquarters will be offered to God.
The Amity Project of Youth between Japan and China The 5th Trip of Little Ambassadors to China
The trip of Little Japanese Ambassadors to China was realized to create friendship among young people just as the Li Bai and Nakamaro Abe did over thirteen centuries ago.
Japanese junior high school students that had taken part of this project deepened friendly relationship with Chinese students. Learning Chinese history and culture, they upgraded their motivation to become mediators of two countries.
Ohoharahi Ceremony
Dec. 3rd
The Ohoharahi Ceremony was held in Suza, World Main Shrine.
The main purpose of this event is to cleanse spiritual impurities that we have accumulated without noticing through the past one year and step into the new year in spiritually pure status. Attendees got soaked with Divine Light and got their soul refreshed. Later, wishing that the year 2018 would bring further prosperity to people of all over the world, they sang a carol.